Carl Tolf 1768-1827

My 5th great-grandfather Carl Tolf was born on this date in 1768 (246 years ago!) in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden.

Svenarum Kyrka

Svenarum Kyrka

Here’s  a brief pedigree for the cousins following this line:

  • Carl TOLF (1768-1827) married Helena Jonasdotter WIDERBERG and they had a son named Carl Jonas;
  • Carl Jonas TOLF (1795-1833) married Maja Lisa LIDSTROM and they had a son named Carl;
  • Carl TOLF (1824-1890) married Helena Christina ÅMAN and they had a son named Peter August;
  • Peter August TOLF (1858-1929) married Augusta Sophia LANDSTROM and they had a son named Harry Wilhelm;
  • Harry Willhelm TOLF (1884-1964) married Julia Christine THOMPSON and they had a daughter named Harriette Kathlyn;
  • Harriette Kathlyn TOLF (1909-1954) married John George WALTON.

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    • Thanks – I hope to visit that church in person someday. 🙂 My header pix is just a stock photo from WordPress. It made me think of the Isle of Man and/or the view across the ocean my ancestors might have seen. Felt appropriate for the subject matter. Maybe after I go on that trans-Atlantic trip I’ll use photos I took myself! 🙂


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