1894 Obituaries: December 5

The following names of recently deceased persons appeared on page 13 of the December 5, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News; Ella Quill, John William Berg, Ella Blaney, Patrick Cotter, Bridget Daly, Bridget Kearns, Annie V. Kane, Ida Mueller, F. Mahlman and Eliza Spence. See the image below for complete obituaries.

1894 Obituaries: November 30

The Chicago Daily News listed deaths on page 9 of the November 30, 1894 issue. The following names appeared (see image below for complete obituaries): Charles Beilfuss, Katie Beyerau, Jeremiah Crowley, Daniel Emmet Donovan, Patrick Dowling, Aggie Foster (nee Williams), Mary E. Fuller, William Gallagher, John Geary, Joseph Gotthelf, Joseph T. Graham, Maud C. Hanson,…