People in My Family Tree

Genealogy is all about the who, what, where, when, why and how of our ancestors’ lives. Making connections with other family historians researching the same people makes this obsession hobby even more fun! I’d love to compare notes with anyone from the family names listed below.

The people named in this first chart are my dad’s direct line ancestors:

 Harold Clarke MUELLER (1908-1985)  Chicago Illinois / Holland Michigan
 Alfred Jacob MUELLER (1879-1941)  Chicago Illinois / same
 Jacob K MUELLER (1844-1910)  Switzerland / Chicago Illinois
 Frances Lois MANGELS (1911-1991)  Chicago Illinois / Humphreys Tennessee
 Gustav R. MANGELS (1889-1972)  Chicago Illinois / Fort Wayne Indiana
 Herman F. C. MANGELS (1854-1912)  Germany / Chicago Illinois
 Ellen Gertrude CLARKE (1883-1948)  Springfield Ohio / Chicago Illinois
 William Penrod CLARKE (1858-1944)  Funkstown Maryland / Hartford Michigan
 Morgan Henry CLARK (1830-1910)  Funkstown Maryland / same
 Esther I. CLARIN (1890-1962)  Chicago Illinois / same
 Carl LARSSON CLARIN (1863-1924)  Hörby Malmöhus Sweden / Chicago Illinois
 Lars PETERSSON (1800-1872)  Fultofta / Hörby Malmöhus Sweden
 Elizabeth SCHMITT (1847-1901)  Moselle Lorraine France / Chicago Illinois
 Nicolas SCHMITT (1813-1876)  Moselle Lorraine France / Cincinnati Ohio
 François SCHMITT (1774-1854)  Moselle Lorraine France /  same
 Mary Ella LITTRELL (1858-1942)  Roanoke Virginia / Bangor Michigan
 Marie Anne GURY (1818-?)  Moselle Lorraine France / Cincinnati Ohio
 Elizabeth GROSSE (1781-1826)  Moselle Lorraine France /  same
 Françoise ADAM (?-1745)  Moselle Lorraine France /  same
 Maria BUKMAKOWSKY (1859-1934)  Konigsberg, Germany/ Chicago Illinois


This next group includes my Mom’s direct line ancestors:

 John George WALTON (1905-1980)  Chicago Illinois / same
 James WALTON (1871-1911)  Isle of Man / Chicago Illinois
 James WALTON (1843-1916)  Isle of Man / Cleveland Ohio
 Johanna Kristina CARLSON (1876-1956)  Uppsala Sweden / Chicago Illinois
 Maja Stina KARLSDOTTER (1839-1901)  Uppsala /Västra Götaland Sweden
 Carl ERSSON (1807-1880)  Uppsala Sweden /
 Jane CHRISTIAN (1812-1849)  Lonan, Isle of Man / same
 Patrick CHRISTIAN (1780-1830)  Lonan, Isle of Man
 Abigail CRAIG (1786-1826)  Alston Cumberland England /Isle of Man
 Harriette Kathlyn TOLF (1909-1954)  Chicago Illinois / same
 Harry Willhelm TOLF (1884-1964)  Batavia Illinois / Chicago Illinois
 Peter August TOLF (1858-1929)  Jönköping, Sweden / Chicago Illinois
 Julia Christine THOMPSON (1888-1964)  Chicago Illinois / same
 Peter THOMPSON (1857-1938)  Norway / Chicago Illinois
 Maria Fredrika PETERSON (1864-1941)  Jönköping, Sweden / Chicago Illinois
 Augusta S. LANDSTROM (1858-1936)  Jönköping, Sweden / Chicago Illinois
 Johan Peter LANDSTROM (1824-1914)  Kronobergs, Sweden / Chicago Illinois

One thought on “People in My Family Tree

  1. Hi Laura,

    When looking for my family, that includes”Reggie and Ike, I came across your info. You collected so much from our family tree and pictures that include Grandma Walton, who we never met, as she passed at such a young age. I just wanted to say “great job”. Your Cousin, Sheri Wadsworth (nee Walton), (Don Walton’s daughter).


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