Sisters of Mercy

Ordinarily I share photos of multiple headstones on Taphophile Thursday. Those pictures tend to focus more on the cemetery as a whole and less on individual markers. But this grouping of headstones in Janesville Wisconsin’s Mount Olivet Cemetery presented the individuals as a single entity. Which is what moved me to take a picture.

Hexagon Headstone in Wisconsin

This beautiful hexagon headstone is in Forest Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Madison Wisconsin. Six members of the extended Whitaker family are interred here. Mary Whitaker Sandford 1910-1952 Bessie Sayles Whitaker 1880-1951 Henry Charles Whitaker 1874-1930 Robert Charles Ellis Sr. 1895-1981 Dorothy Whitaker Ellis 1907-1957 and Henry Whitaker Ellis 1939-1990. All have been memorialized on Find…

An Unending Love

A monument to love stands in a shady section of Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin Illinois.   The large surname stone reads: Ours is an unending love, Higher than heights above, Deeper than depths beneath, Lasting ever, e’en in death.

The Sisters

In May I visited Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago. It’s an amazing place with winding lanes, mature shade trees, and lots of unique and interesting headstones. To me, the most interesting feature about Bohemian National was the sheer number of memorial portraits. This is the first cemetery I’ve been to where so many headstones had pictures of people on them. It…