Happy new blog birthday!

I didn’t plan to start a new blog. Really I didn’t. This morning I was just minding my own business, working my way through my Success Team to-do list.

The goal was to update a few pages on my website. But Office Live is making some changes. And that got me to thinking. Maybe I should make some changes too.

Do I really need my own web site? Sure, it’s a handy place to store my family history research. But it requires a fair amount of upkeep which requires a fair amount of time. And extra time is one thing I don’t have in fair amounts.

After taking a hard look at all my options, I decided I would be just fine without a web site. I’ll keep some family tree information here on my new blog. And move the important stuff over from my old blog.

Maybe with the time I save I can solve a family history mystery or two. 🙂

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