March Anniversaries

A half-dozen couples in my family tree were married in March:

Elizabeth BEESE and Fredrick DOMKOWSKY were married 04 Mar 1903 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

My great-grandparents Esther Ingeborg CLARIN and Gustave Robert MANGELS were married 14 Mar 1907 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. They later divorced and each remarried. The three children they had together were given away to different families. My grandmother fared the best, growing up in Chicago with her paternal grandparents Maria (BUKMAKOFSKY) and Herman MANGELS.

My 3rd great-grandparents Susan Hammer SHANK and Morgan Henry CLARKE were married 15 Mar 1854 in Washington County Maryland.

Myrtle Alvira YOUNGBERG and Joseph Philip FRIEND were married in Chicago, Cook, Illinois 18 Mar 1913. Myrtle’s mother was Swedish immigrant Frida nee TOLF.

Anna DEMASTER and Peter Lewis TEACH were married in Clark County Ohio 23 Mar 1889.

Bessie F LITTRELL and William Harrison McMAHON were married 28 Mar 1910 in Clark County Ohio. Bessie’s grandfather Charles W LITTRELL is my 3rd great-grandfather.

Are any of my ancestors in your family tree too? Please contact me at where2look4ancestors [at] gmail [dot] com

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