Dance 2, 3, and Back to Work

After doing the Genealogy Happy Dance, I read and reread the Cincinnati Enquirer articles I recently received regarding Emile Schmitt, my 2nd great-grandmother’s brother. From this first article I can surmise he was a respected businessman:

According to this next article, Emile was a bowler who enjoyed the company of others. Of particular interest to me was the mention of John B Bobe. This is the gentleman who would later be named guardian of Emile’s children when he died. Charles J Kauffman is also mentioned:

More bowling and repartee with the same group of people. John B Bobe and Charles J Kauffman are mentioned again:

Knowing a little about my collateral ancestors’ personalities gives a richer flavor to my family tree.

Extent newspaper are a gold mine for this kind of information. Web sites can also offer information that makes the distant past a more tangible place. This recent find couldn’t have come about at a better time:

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