June Anniversaries

Ancestors in my family tree who married this month include:

04 Jun 1895 Theodore REVERMAN and Mary Anna SCHMITT in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

10 Jun 1869 William HOGG and Mary Jane WALTON in Lonan, Isle of Man.

17 Jun 1920 Peter BERNARD and Edith Josephine WALTON in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

19 Jun 1830 John WALTON and Jane CHRISTIAN in Lonan, Isle of Man.

21 Jun 1941 Wesley Nelson TOLF and Mary Elizabeth DAWES in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa.

22 Jun 1918 Herbert Charles TOLF and Mildred Margaret RHODES in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

24 Jun 1908 Carl Henry TOLF and Marie NELSON.

29 Jun 1904 Harry Orville CLARKE and Maud Theresa DEAN in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.

30 Jun 1906 George BORST and Nana Elizabeth PLUM in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.


Are any of my ancestors in your family tree too?

Please contact me at where2look4ancestors [at] gmail [dot] com.

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