August Birthdays

Happy August birthday to my incredibly wonderful husband and to our beautiful granddaughter, to my sister, my paternal grandfather, my uncle Bob, my cousin Bill, my grand-uncle Bud, and my first cousin once removed Faith.

Birthdays among my (possibly) German Clarkes:

  • A second great grand-aunt Zora E CLARKE was born in Maryland on the 19th of August 1857. Zora’s unique name is helpful when I search for my Clarke family. Zora’s father and grandfather were also born in Maryland. Someday I hope to know the country of origin for this branch of my family tree.

Birthdays among my French Grosses:

  • My 4th great-grandmother Elizabeth GROSSE was born 07 August 1781 in Virming, Moselle, Lorraine, France. She married François SCHMITT in 1804 and together they had eight children. Elizabeth died in 1854.

Birthdays among my French Gurys:

  • Twins Anne Marie and Jean Louis GURY were born 26 August 1819 in Altroff, Moselle, Lorraine, France to my fourth great grandparents Jean GURY and Marie Anne GILLET.
  • Their sister Christina GURY was born 15 August 1821 also in Altroff, Moselle, Lorraine, France.

Birthdays among my Swedish Landstroms:

  • Kenneth F LANDSTROM is a first cousin thrice-removed who only lived to age five. He was born in Chicago 06 August 1908 and died in the same city of membrane croup on the 19th of Jan 1914.
  • Kenneth’s father, Axel Fabian LANDSTROM was born 10 August 1874 in Norra Unnaryd, Jonkopings, Sweden. He and his six siblings and their parents immigrated to Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Fabian retired to Florida. His remaining siblings lived in Chicago for the rest of their lives.
  • Fabian’s brother Carl Werner LANDSTROM was born in Norra Sandsjö, Jonkopings, Sweden on the 17th of Aug 1863. Carl married Mamie NILSON and together they had three children.

Birthdays among my Swiss Muellers:

  • Born 11 August 1844, my second great-grandfather Jacob K MUELLER immigrated to the US in the vicinity of his 22nd birthday. He made a life in Chicago, Cook, Illinois with French-born Elizabeth SCHMITT (see below). Maybe by his next birthday, I’ll know the Swiss town in which Jacob was born!

Birthdays among my Swedish Perssons:

  • My third great-grandfather Jöns PERSSON was born 23 August 1829 in Bjäresjö, Malmöhus, Sweden. Jöns and his wife Ingrid JOHANNSDOTTER had eight children. Their daughter Bengta JÖNSSDOTTER immigrated to Chicago, Cook, Illinois where she married and had three children.

Birthdays among my French Schmitts:

  • My second great-grandmother was born in Hellimer, Moselle, Lorraine, France on the 20th of August 1847. Elizabeth SCHMITT ‘s family immigrated to Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio when Elise, as she was called, was seven years old. She married a German immigrant named Anton BIDENHARN and divorced him before marrying my second great-grandfather Jacob K MUELLER.

Birthdays among my Swedish Tolfs:

  • Carl Jonas TOLF was my fourth great-grandfather. He was born 25 August 1795 in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden. Carl Jonas married Maja Lisa LIDSTROM in 1817. The couple had seven children. When their youngest child was just eight months old, 38-year-old Carl Jonas died.

Birthdays among my Manx Joughins and Waltons:

  • My 2nd great-grandmother Isabella JOUGHIN was born in Maughold, Garff, Isle of Man on the 2nd of August 1846. During her short life (she died in her early 30s) Isabella married James Walton and gave birth to six children.
  • Isabella’s husband later married Josephine HILL who was born 16 August 1847 on the Isle of Man. In addition to the children of her husband and his first wife, Josephine and James WALTON had four children of their own.

Are any of my ancestors in your family tree too? If so, please contact me at where2look4ancestors [at] gmail [dot] com.

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