Political Activism

Were your parents or grandparents politically active? What is your first political memory?

37rn_header_sm4th grade was an election year. Richard NixonHubert Humphrey and George Wallace each hoped to be the 37th President of the United States.

Our class held mock elections, following the campaign on TV and in the newspapers. Most of my classmates were Nixon fans, presumably because their parents were followers of the Republican candidate.

My parents wouldn’t tell me who they wanted to see in the White House. I parroted the idea of a secret ballot at school despite Mrs. X’s preference for me to publicly choose a candidate and campaign for him. You probably already know how the 1968 presidential election turned out. 🙂

Despite several decades and many political discussions, I don’t know how my dad voted in any election. And I still keep my votes to myself.

Have a political experience in your family history?

6 thoughts on “Political Activism

  1. My experience is the direct opposite of yours. I can remember the 1960 election, only because my father was upset about the result. He was mad that Nixon lost, so I was too, even though I had no idea who Nixon was — or Kennedy, for that matter. Different names in ’64, but pretty much the same reaction.


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