Front Page News – November 25, 1913

The following article appeared on the front page of the November 25, 1913 issue of the Chicago Daily News:


Peter T. Stalley Shot to Death When He Accosts Intruder Discovered by Wife.


Woman Leaps Through Window for Help as Children Cling to Body of Dead Father.

Murder marked the course of one of Chicago’s winter recruits in crime to-day and left a widow and two little children desolate. In their presence, Peter T. Stalley, 39 years old, 4339 LeMoyne avenue, was shot to death by a burglar who had entered their home and whose operation showed every sign of the novice, even to the killing.

While detectives and uniformed police searched for clews[sic] Mrs. Stalley, upon whom the grim realization gradually crushed, sobbed for the man whose dead body, with a black bullet wound just beneath his throat, lay in the next room. The children, who had been found clinging to their murdered father’s body, were taken away to the care of relatives.

Widow Tells Story of Killing.

The story of the killing was told to a reporter for The Daily News by Mrs. Stalley. As she spoke the breeze from the open pantry window – through which the murderer entered and escaped – swept through the kitchen where she sat. Through this window, just off a second story porch and in the white glare of an arc light, the burglar had come bungling noisily in the early hours of the morning.

“I heard the noise ,” sobbed Mrs. Stalley, “and I thought it was either of my two little ones Harriet or Leslie. So I raised up in bed and called to them. ‘Harriet! Leslie!’ I called. They didn’t answer, so I got out of bed.

“On the wall of the kitchen I saw a big shadow. It just moved a little. At first I thought it was all some horrible dream. I could scarcely speak. I just stood there in the doorway.

“ ‘ Peter!’ I said, calling my husband. I didn’t mean to call him. I just seemed to turn to him like I always did in trouble. He got right up and came to my side and he looked too. When he did this [the] man stood up and pointed the revolver at Peter.

Woman Knocks Hand Down.

“I jumped for him and knocked his hand down. He seemed afraid and stepped back. I was going to jump again, when he held the revolver up at Peter. Then he shot. It was so near to me that my face was burned and my ears almost broke at the noise. I heard Peter kind of sob and step back. Then he fell across the bed. I heard the man crawl through the window and I heard my little ones get up and come crying into the room where their father was shot. That’s all I remember.”

Mrs. Stalley ran to a window in the front part of the house. She broke the glass trying to open it. Then she leaped through another window and ran for help.

Meanwhile the children-Harriet, 9 years old, and Leslie, 6-went to their father. He was lying across the bed. The children crept up to the dying man.

“What’s the matter, Papa?” asked Harriet, snuggling up to him and patting his cheek. “Where’s mamma?”

Here the children were found half an hour later, when the police arrived. By this time Stalley was dead.

Police Arrest Three, Hold One.

Police of the Cragin station, every man on reserve, was rushed through the neighborhood, but failed to find trail of the murderer. Smudges found in the dust on the window screen frame, declared finger prints by the police, were photographed by experts from the bureau of identification. Later in the day four men were arrested in the Cragin district. Three of them were later released. The fourth is being held until his alibi can be investigated.”

The following appeared on page 22 of the November 25, 1913 issue of the Chicago Daily News:


“EPSTEIN-JACOB EPSTEIN. In loving remembrance of my beloved son, who passed 16 years ago; fond father of Marsella Morris. FROM MOTHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS.”

“HAGEMEISTER-EDWARD. In loving remembrance of our dear son and only brother, who died three years ago to-day, Nov. 25, 1910. Gone but not forgotten. When the dear Lord said you had finished, come up higher, brother dear; you have won a crown in heaven for the pains you suffered here. But we know that you are happy in the mansion of the blest, where there is no pain or sorrow, only sweet, eternal rest. FROM LOVING FATHER, MOTHER AND SISTERS.”

“HOLM-ANNA C. In loving remembrance of our dear mother, who passed away nine years ago to-day.

But we know that you are happy

in the mansions of the blest.

Where there is no pain or sorrow.

Only sweet, eternal rest.


“LEARY-MARY. In loving remembrance of my dear mother, who died Nov. 24, 1911.”

NISSEN-ANNA. In loving remembrance of our daughter, who passed away five years ago to-day, Nov. 26, 1908.

Lie sweetly at rest,

The parting was painful,

But God knows best.


“ROHR- In memory of my dear mother, CELLA ROHR, who died seven years ago this 25th day of November. HER SON, LOUIS.”

“YOUNG-In sad and loving remembrance of PHILIP YOUNG, my dear husband and our father, who departed this life seven years ago to-day, Nov. 25, 19[illegible]. Gone but not forgotten.”


“APOSTOLO-Maria, Nov. 24, 1913, aged 12 years, dearly departed daughter of John and Lizzie Apostolo, sister of Arthur and Lawrence. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, at 9 a.m., from parents’ residence, 830 Orleans-st., to Church of Assumption, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by cars to Mount Carmel, via I. C. R. R.”

“BAUMANN-Sophia (nee Schroeder), aged 61 years, wife of the late Anton Baumann, beloved mother of Mrs. Martha Kindt, Mrs. Ida Harrus, Mrs. Bertha Galitz, Frank, Ferdinand, Oscar, Mrs. Ella Tess, Edwin, Lydia, Irma and Arthur. Funeral Friday, Nov. 28, 1913, at 12 o’clock, from late residence, 3142 Clifton-av., to St. Peter’s Lutheran church, Niles Center, at 2 p.m.  Interment St. Peter’s cemetery.”

“BERMOND-Sophie, beloved mother of Harry and Aaron Bermond and Mrs. Rose Cohn, entered into rest at the age of 56. Services from Furth’s chapel, 35th-st., Wednesday morning, at 9:30 o’clock; interment at Washington cemetery, New York.”

“COLLINS-Nov. 26, 1913, Annie (nee Short), beloved wife of John Collins, mother of John, Earl, Jeanette, Lillie and Willie Collins, sister of Edward Short, Mrs. Nellie Ryan and Mrs. Lillie Orr. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9:30 a.m., from her late residence, 2124 W. 12th-st., to St. Charles’ church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Mount Carmel.”

“CAULFIELD-Michael, Nov. 22, beloved husband of Delia (nee Naughton). Funeral from late residence, 7213 S. Carpenter-st., Wednesday, Nov. 26, 8:30 a.m., to St. Leo’s church, 78th and Emerald-av., where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Mount Olivet; member of St. Bernard’s court No. 176, C.O.F., local No. 4, I.B. of H.C.B.L.”

“CORBETT-Nellie M., Nov. 23, 1913, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Corbett, sister of William J., Philip A., George J. and Catherine Corbett.  Funeral from her late residence, 2230 Osgood-st., Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9:30 a.m., to St. Vincent’s church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by automobiles to Mount Carmel.”

“CALDWELL-Leo, Nov. 24, beloved son of the late Patrick and Elizabeth (nee Gorman), brother of Mary and Thomas Caldwell, and Mrs. John Donnellan. Funeral Wednesday at 9 a.m., from residence of his sister, 4658 [?] Emerald-av., to St. Gabriel’s church, thence by autos to Calvary.”

“DONAHUE-Patrick, Nov. 24, 1913, beloved brother of John and James Donahue, member of Cross of Malta lodge No. 640, K.of P., and Street Paving Engineers, local 464. Funeral Wednesday, at 9:30 a.m., from Bers’ chapel, 1567 [?] Madison-st., to St. Patrick’s church, automobiles to Calvary.”

“DONAHUE-James, aged 67 years. Funeral Nov. 26, at 11 a.m., at the Sag, formerly superintendent Lincoln park station postoffice; past commander and for over 25 years adjutant Lyon post No. 9, G.A.R.”

“FRENCH-Rose (nee Comiskey), beloved wife of Patrick J., fond mother of Mrs. Dennie Keenan, Mrs. James Mahoney, Bernard J., James P., Rose and Mae French. Funeral Wednesday, at 9 a.m., from late residence, 5225 Center-av., to Visitation church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

“FICK-Katherine (nee Woertz), wife of William Fick, beloved daughter of Mrs. Katherine Woertz and the late William Henry Woertz, fond sister of Anna, Clara, Minnie, William Jr., Walter and Arthur , loving mother of William, Evelyn and Ruth, aged 26. Funeral Wednesday from late residence, 1623 W. Superior-st., at 1 o’clock by carriages to Concordia.”

“GRAVEN-Patrick, Nov. 23, 1913, at his residence, 1354 North Park-av., beloved husband of Barbara (nee Daly), father of James, John, Mary and Barbara Graven, brother of Thomas Graves and Mrs. Mary Griffin. Funeral Wednesday, at 9:30 a.m., to Immaculate Conception church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by cars to Mount Carmel, I.C.R.R., Randolph-st. station. Train leaves at 12:30. Member of Bronson council, K. C., No. 1030, also division No. 8, A. O. H.”

“GOODMAN-Max, 4657 W. Madison-at., leaves widow, Annie, and eight children, Lillian, wife of Saul G. Lurie, Etta, wife of Louis Herron, Isidore, Mathilda, William, Nathan, Rose and Henry. Funeral Wednesday, 11 a.m., by automobiles, from late residence, to Bickur Cholem, Waldheim.”

“GURNEK- Louis J., Monday, Nov. 24, at his home, Waukegan, Ill., age 60 years. Funeral Wednesday, 2 p.m., burial private.”

“HILLINGER-Philip, Nov. 23, aged 76 years, beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Hillinger, father of Robert P., George H. and Ida Hillinger, Mrs. Lillian Strobel and Mrs. Emma Knoll. Funeral from late residence, 1001 Belmont-av., Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9:30 a.m., to St. Sebastian church, corner Wellington-av. and Blucher-st., where requiem high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to St. Boniface cemetery.”

“HARRIS-Madison R., Nov. 24, 1913, beloved husband of Mrs. Katherine Harris (nee Dargan); member of Hesperia lodge No. 411, A. F. & A. M., and Wiley M. Egan chapter No. 126. Funeral services Wednesday, Nov. 26, at late residence, 2333 Jackson-bd., at 9:30 a.m. Remains leave by C., B. & Q., for Mendota at 11 a.m.”

“HARRIS-M.R., member of the Liquor Dealers’ Protective association, local 4. Funeral from his late residence, 2333 Jackson-bd., Wednesday, Nov. 26, 9:30 a.m. Remains leave by Remains leave by C., B. & Q., for Mendota at 11 o’clock. HERMAN DITTMAR, President. LAWRENCE MESITERHEIM, Secretary.”

“HREJSA-Frank J., Nov. 23, aged 26, beloved husband of Lillian M., son of Mrs. Anna M. Hrejsa and brother of Mrs. Flora Zavodsky, Mrs. Anna Holly, Joseph and Ollie Hrjess. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, 10 a.m., from late residence, 1916 S. Homan-av., to John Huss Methodist Episcopal church, thence to Bohemian National cemetery.”

“HUPKA-Anna (nee Drandik), Nov. 24, beloved wife of Joseph, mother of Lillian and George, at her late residence, Brookfield, Ill. Funeral from P.H. McMahon’s chapel, 2074 W. 112th-st., Thursday, Nov. 27, at 11:30 a.m., by automobiles to Bohemian National cemetery.”

“HAYES-Martha M., widow of the late John A. Hayes, Sunday, Nov. 23, 1913. Funeral services will be held at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Charles S. Downs, 4819 Kimbark-av., on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o’clock; burial private.”

“HAWKINS-Mrs. Nehemah Hawkins, formerly of Chicago, at her home, 253 W. 88th-st., New York, Saturday afternoon, Nov. 22.”

“IRLE-Jacob H., of 6049 Calumet-av., beloved husband of Ellen L. (nee McKane), and fond brother of August L., Carrie Ahlburn of Peotone, Ill., and George L. of Chicago. Funeral Wednesday, at 1 p.m., from J.J. Sullivan’s undertaking chapel, 301 E. 61st-st; interment at Mount Hope cemetery.”

“JACOBSON-Christiana, beloved mother of Mrs. Ronning, Mathilda Overby and Jens Overby, Nov. 22, aged 65 years. Funeral from Wold & Wold’s chapel, 2709 W. North-av., Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 1 p.m., by carriages to Mount Olive.”

“JENSEN-Ingaborg, beloved mother of Andrew, Peter and William Christian, aged 50 years. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 2 p.m., from her late residence, 3832 N. Troy-st., to Mount Olive.”

“KRUEGER-Minnie, age 29 years, beloved daughter of Emil W. and Bertha Krueger (nee Rades), sister of Emil W., Jr., Hattie, Hilda and Lillian Krueger, sister-in-law of William Krueger and niece of William Rades. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, at 1 p.m., from late residence, 2836 N. Troy-st., to St. Peter’s church, corner Cortez and Oakley, by autos to Eden.”

“KOLLENKEWICZ-John, Nov. 23, aged 40 years, beloved son of John and Regina, brother of Joe, Rose, Lena and the late Frank. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9 a.m., from Mrs. Mary Rose’s residence, 1729 Blucher-st., to St. Boniface church, by carriages to St. Joseph cemetery. “

“KINSLEY-Mary, beloved wife of William Kinsley and fond mother of William Kinsley and Mrs. Laura Peterson. Funeral Thursday, at 9:30 a.m., from late residence, 2415 W. Madison-st., to St. Malachy’s church, by carriages to Mount Carmel cemetery.”

“LAUER-John, Nov. 24, 1913, beloved husband of Catherine (nee Komens), fond father of Rose, John and Arnold, grandfather of Joseph, Gertrude, Deben, Lillian, Arnold and John Tabbert; member of court 20, C.O.F. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, from late residence, 261 S. Tripp-av., formerly 42d-ct., to Epiphany church, where requiem high mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m., carriages to St. Maria cemetery.”

“LOESCHER-Emma, Nov. 23, 1913, age 24 years, beloved daughter of Henry Loescher and Minnie (nee Rosenbaum) and sister of Mrs. Minnie Luplow and the late Henry, William and Christian Loescher, sister-in-law of Herman Luplow. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 10 a.m., from late residence, 5757  S. Laflin-st., to Evangelist Frieden’s church, 52d and Justine-sts., thence by carriages to Mount Greenwood cemetery.”

“LOGAN-Joseph, Jr., aged 26, Nov. 23, at his residence, 3417 Seminary-av., beloved son of Joseph and the late Mary Logan (nee Walsh), brother of Bernard and Michael. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, from late residence, at 9:15 a.m., to St. Sebastian’s church, where high mass will be celebrated, by carriages to Calvary. St. Louis (Mo.) and Phoenix (Ariz.) papers please copy.”

“LANGE-John, age 70, Nov. 24, beloved husband of Sophia, father of Louis, Anna, Fred, Emma, Lilly and Arthur, father-in-law of Emil Boehm and William Harve and Mrs. Louis Lange. Funeral Nov. 26, at 1:30 p.m., from late residence, 1030 N. Lincoln-st., to St. John’s church, Hoyne and Cornelia, by autos to Concordia.”

“LA SAGE-George N., husband of Emma, father of Bert, Clifford, Gertrude, Clarence and Mrs. Edward Goetter. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1:08 p.m., from Elmhurst depot, C. & N.W., to Elm Lawn.”

“MUNDT-Fred, aged 41years, beloved husband of Martha Mundt (nee Trogg), father of Walter, Frederick and Ella Mundt. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, at 1 p.m., from late residence, 1742 N. Hermitage-av., by carriages to Concordia cemetery.

Peaceful be thy rest, dear father,

‘Tis sweet to breathe thy name,

In life we loved you dearly,

In death we do the same.”

“MEYER-William F., Nov 23, at 12:30 p.m., aged 37 years 10 months, husband of Minnie (nee Smith), father of Theresa Steward, son of William H. and Minnie Meyer,  brother of Edward A. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27, 1 o’clock, from late residence, 2636 N. Washtenaw-av., to Evangelical Lutheran Christ church, McLean-av. and Humboldt-st., thence by autos to Concordia cemetery.”

“MORRISSY-Thomas J., son of the late Dennis and Johanna Morrissy, brother of the late Josephine Victory. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9 a.m., from the residence of Mrs. Anna Victory, 436 W. 39th-st., to Nativity church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by autos to Calvary. Member of Brian Born court, C.O.F.”

“M’FADDEN-William H., Nov. 24, 1913, beloved husband of the late Elouis, father of Elizabeth Feltz, John, Charles and William McFadden. Funeral Thursday, 10 a.m., from his son’s residence, 4223 Evans-av., by carriages to Mount Hope.”

“MERKER-Mary Soergel [?], Nov. 24, 1913, at 8:30 p.m., beloved mother of Bertha, Richard, Albert, Millie, Mary and Ida, at residence, 2927 Burling-st. Funeral private.”

“MAXWELL-Frank, husband of Marguerite. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, from 1820 W. Chicago-av., high mass at 10 o’clock, St. Columbkills’s church, carriages to Calvary.”

“NUHN-Thomas, Nov. 23, 1913, beloved husband of Emma Nuhn and father of Charles, Harold, Florence, Margaret. Funeral Wednesday, at 1:30 p.m., from his late residence, 2858 Ashland-av., by carriages to Graceland; member of Court Treidner No. 3755, I. O. F.”

“O’MALLEY-Suddenly, Nov. 24, Austin, beloved husband  of the late Honore (nee O’Malley), and father of Edward, John and Owen O’Malley, Mrs. Mary Sigaloose[?], Mrs. Katherine Ehrhorn, Mrs. Martin O’Malley and the late Mrs. Edward O’Malley. Funeral notice later, from 821 W. Garfield-bd., native of Clare Island, County Mayo, Ireland.”

“PETERS-C. J. Fritz, beloved husband of Johanna Peters, father of Charles Peters and Margarethe Ryan, Monday, Nov. 24, 1913, aged 60 years. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 27 at 2 p.m., from late residence, 2639 Burling-st., to the Graceland crematorium.”

“PRICE-Daniel, age 50 years. Funeral to-day from Schneider’s chapel, 6110 Cottage Grove-av., interment Oakwoods.”

“RONNING-Anton S., Nov. 24, age [69? 89?] years 8 months, beloved husband of Lina Ronning, brother of F. C. Ronning, Odin Ronning, Chicago and Olisa Oleen, Trondheim, Norway. Funeral from late residence, 5270 Wabansia-av., Thursday, 1 p.m., by carriages to Mount Olive.”

“REIS-Louis, Nov. 24, in his 58th year. Funeral from S. W. Nelles [?] funeral home, 4041 North-av., Thursday, Nov. 27, at 9:30 a.m., to St. Philomena’s church, where solemn requiem mass will be celebrated. Interment at St. Joseph’s cemetery.”

“SMITH-George, beloved husband of Agnes McNell Smith, father of Charles, Nellie and Edith, son of Mrs. Anna Marie Smith. Funeral Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 1 p.m., from his late residence, 527 Clinton-av., Oak Park, interment at Rosehill, burial private. Milwaukee papers please copy.”

“SHEREAN-Bridget, beloved wife of the late James (nee Fitzgerald), and fond mother of Mrs. W. R. Alton. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 9 a.m., from her daughter’s residence, 6131 Robey-st., to St. Brendan’s church, where high mass will be celebrated, by carriages to Calvary.”

“SCHMIDT-Dora E. (nee Bitner), beloved wife of Fred, mother of Dorothy, Theresa and Gertrude. Funeral Thursday, at 9 a.m., from late residence, 1500 N. Western-av., to St. Aloysius’ church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to St. Boniface.”

“SCHLUETTER-Julia (nee Ebert), beloved wife of Simon Schluetter, mother of Augusta Kern [or Kean?] and Louis Schluetter. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 1 o’clock, from late residence, 1856[?] Blue Island-av., to Graceland cemetery.”

“STEWART-Jane Stewart, Nov. 24, 1913, beloved sister of Thomas and Templeton Thompson. Funeral Wednesday, at 1 p.m., from her late residence, 6049[?] Gladys-av., by autos to Oakridge.”

“TROTTER-William D., Nov. 24, age 58 [?] years, beloved husband of Mary, father of William, son of David and Catherine, both deceased, brother of Mrs. Sarah McBride and Margaret Trotter. Funeral from his sister’s residence, 2019 S. Union-av., Thursday, Nov. 27, 9:30 a.m., to Sacred Heart church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

“THORNTON-Frank W., beloved husband of Laura (nee Drengenborg[?]), father of Anita and William E. Thornton. Funeral Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 3 p.m., from his late residence, 3416 [?] Dorchester-av., formerly Madison-av., to Oakwoods; service at Oakwoods chapel.”

“TREMLETT-John James, husband of Mrs. M. Tremlett, beloved son of Mrs. Kate Giblin, dearly beloved brother of Mrs. Maude Dunne and Alfred Tremlett. Funeral Wednesday, at 9 a.m. sharp, from Segerstan’s[?] chapel, 3130 N. Clark-st., to St. Vincent’s church; carriages to Calvary.”

“THOMPSON-Peter, beloved husband of Elsie, father of Gertrude, Elsie, Adeline and Gladys. Funeral Wednesday, 1 p.m., late residence, 1815 Winnebago-av., Waldheim.”

“WAHLBORG-Minnie, Nov. 23, aged 58 years. Funeral Thursday, 3 p.m., from Heitin’s [Heltin’s?] chapel, 3176 N. Clark-st., automobiles to Rosehill.”


“WE WISH TO THANK THE MANY KIND friends and relatives, also the Rev. Kaufman and the National Biscuit delivery men, for the sympathy and floral offerings extended in our sad bereavement. MRS. A. PETERSON, JOHN HECK AND MRS. MARGARET HANSEN AND JOSEPH HECK.”

I WISH TO THANK MY NEIGHBORS AND friends for their kind assistance in my sorrow. MRS. JOHN KOHL.”

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