Troubleshooters Guide to Genealogy

The Troubleshooter's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy

The Troubleshooter’s Guide
to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy

Written inside the front cover of The Troubleshooter’s Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy by W. Daniel Quillen is the following descriptor; “Advanced Techniques for Overcoming Obstacles, Removing Roadblocks & Unlocking Your Family History!”

Trying not to be overly critical (although I finished the 271-page book in one evening), I looked up the word “advanced” and found these synonyms; state-of-the-art, new, modern, developed, cutting-edge, leading-edge, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, the newest, the latest.

Why don’t I share a few excerpts and let you be the judge?

Page 24: Prepare the names you are doing research on before you go to a Family History Center.

Page 77: Most of us who call America home will soon hit the ocean as we are doing research on our family lines, some of us sooner than others.

Page 99: Unless you really want to go to the county your ancestor lived in, I would strongly suggest you exhaust the Internet trying to locate those records. It is possible they are online, either through a subscription service, or some free website…

Page 106: While searching for information about your ancestors, don’t overlook the value of vital records.

Page 189: Once you have determined your ancestor’s (probable) church affiliation, you of course need to determine where they were from. You’ll be able to narrow your search a great deal if you know a location.

Page 205: To begin your search of old newspapers for information that might be of use to you about your ancestors, you must first determine when and where your ancestor may have lived at the time of the event for which you are searching.

Page 215: While notebooks and file folders are fine to get you started, as you progress you’ll want to begin saving and organizing your genealogy in a more readily accessible fashion, and genealogy software will help you do that.

There is an advertisement on page 271 for another of Mr. Quillen’s books, Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors. Over the ad, the author poses a question – KNOW ANY BEGINNERS…?

Is the author proposing that there is information even more elemental than what was provided in The Troubleshooter’s Guide?

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