Stole Another Man’s Clothes

1894 Men's Fashions

The following stories appeared on the front page of the February 10, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;

Stole Another Man’s Clothes

Officers Mulcahy and Fitzgerald of the Harrison street police station arrested James Sheldon and James Jackson this morning on a charge of burglary preferred by Frank Weinberger. The latter occupied a room on South Clark street and says that the two prisoners broke into his room several nights ago and stole $60 worth of clothing from him.

There are a number of possibilities for Officers Mulcahy (see page 1076) and Fitzgerald (see page 511) in the 1892 Chicago City Directory which can be viewed online at Possibilities for James Jackson begin on page 750.

Said He Stole a Suit of Clothes

Martin Gilbert acknowledged in Justice Kersten’s court this morning that he stole a $15 suit of clothes from Alexander Smith of 22 Wesson street.

“I was almost crazy from drink and had to have money, so I stole the clothing and pawned it at 168 North Halsted street,” said Gilbert. The prisoner was held to the Criminal court in a bond of $500 on a charge of larceny.

There is a possibility for Martin Gilbert on page 571 of the 1892 Chicago City Directory. Justice of the Peace George Kersten appears on page 820 of the 1892 Chicago City Directory and on page 1036 of the 1900 Chicago City Directory. Both are available online at

Are any of the people in these front page stories part of your family history? If you know what became of Officers Mulcahy or Fitzgerald, James Sheldon, James Jackson, Frank Weinberger, Martin Gilbert, Alexander Smith, or Justice George Kersten, please share their stories with my readers and me.

2 thoughts on “Stole Another Man’s Clothes

  1. The Fitzgerald mentioned in this article I believe is my elusive Michael Fitzgerald . I have been trying to find more on him for over twenty years. there are two Michaels listed in the 1882 Chicago city directory one listed as police living at 350 Centre Ave, the other Police at 2307 Dearborn. Tracing through city directories an census one was born 1861 and mine born in Ireland 1850s, If anyone has information on Michael later becoming a detective I would love the information. Not sure if either of these married.


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