Neighbor Suspects Something Wrong

The article below appeared on the front page of the April 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News:


A Neighbor Suspects Something Wrong and Asks for an Inquest.

John Dayworthy, said to have been a wealthy property-owner on the west side died suddenly last night at his home, 136 Desplaines street, and Coroner McHale has been requested to hold an inquest on the body.

John A. Lehmib, a friend and neighbor of the dead man, reported the case to Chief Deputy Coroner Quinn this morning and stated that he believed there was something that needed investigating in connection with Dayworthy’s death. He said that during his lifetime Dayworthy had often expressed fear that he would some day be poisoned or removed in some other manner and often told Lehmib that in case he should ever die suddenly he wanted Lehmib to see that a proper investigation should be held.”

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