New Orleans Fireman

Are there firemen in your family tree? Do you have ancestors who lived in Chicago, New Orleans or St Louis? Wondering why a June 1880 event was delayed?

If so, you’ll enjoy the following article which appeared on page one of the June 15, 1880 Chicago Daily News;


Fire Company 18, from New Orleans, arrived in this city this morning at 8:35 by the Chicago & Alton Road. They were due at 7:25, but the wash-outs on the road from St. Louis caused a delay.

They were received at the depot by an escort of fifty of our firemen, led by Fire Marshalls Shay, Conway and Green. They brought an excellent band with them, which, with the aid of Nevens & Dean’s, enlivened the march down Canal and Madison to their quarters at the Tremont. Here they were cordially met by Chief Fire Marshall Swenie. The flags of the Garden and Crescent Cities were dipped in good fellowship, and waved to each other as though they were old acquaintances.

The red-jackets will stay until Friday, when No. 6 will arrive. The programme for the reception of both is an excellent one.”

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