Fatalities Reported

The following notices appeared on the front page of the May 10th, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;


Fred Ward, 6 Years Old, Loses His Life – Other Fatalities Reported.

Fred Ward, 6 years old, was drowned in the Burlington slip, near the Halsted street bridge, some time last night. His body was found in the river early this morning and removed to the home of his parents at 11 Johns place. It is supposed the boy was playing about the slip and accidentally fell in and drowned.

Herman Ehlert, agent for the Seipp Brewing company at Kensington, died last night at his home from injuries received last Saturday. Ehlert was driving a small delivery wagon when he was run into by a car of the Calumet Electric line.

Charles Screikroutz, a laborer employed by the Illinois Steel company, at South Chicago, was injured at the company’s works last night by being caught under a heavy iron beam. He was removed to the company’s hospital and died there this morning.

Mrs. Hayes of 418 Jackson boulevard attempted suicide Sunday night by taking a dose of rat poison. She died late last night. Despondency is supposed to have been the cause of suicide. Mrs. Hayes was 30 years of age and leaves a family.”

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