Struck by a Piece of Ice

“Row on South Water Street.

Justice Foster listened for half an hour this morning to the stories of several excited Italians about a South Water street brawl yesterday.

Frank Godello, while looking for a crate of strawberries on the street, had been struck by a piece of ice in front of Joseph Erron’s fish store at No. 144. Godello thought Morris Berman, a young fellow working at a fish-car on the sidewalk, had thrown the ice and rushing at the boy, dealt him several blows on the head with a case-opener, laying him flat on the sidewalk. Berman came into court to-day with his head plastered up and Godello’s defense, that he had warded off a blow from a pail in the boy’s hand, turning the blow back on the striker, was not accepted. He was held to the Criminal court in bonds of $500.”

The article above appeared on the front page of the Chicago Daily News on May 10, 1894.

Does your family tree include Justice Foster, Frank Godello, Joseph Erron, and/or Morris Berman? If so, please let my readers and me know!


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