Ladies Look After the Garbage

Who knew women held such positions in 1894?

“Ladies Look After the Garbage.

Mrs. Duncanson, president of the Municipal Order league, headed a delegation of ladies who called upon the mayor this morning to request the appointment of another garbage inspector for the 24th ward and also that Mrs. A. E. Paul, already such an inspector in that ward, be placed upon the city pay-roll.”

The article above was transcribed from page 8 of the June 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

5 thoughts on “Ladies Look After the Garbage

  1. Are you related to either of these women? I’m a scholar researching how the proliferation of litter in city streets created opportunities for women to take on leadership roles in their communities. Mrs. A. E. Paul comes up in a great story about her efficient work cleaning up Chicago streets [if you’re interested, see Chicago Daily Tribune, October 15, 1899, page 8]. I’d love to find out more about Mrs. Paul, or see a photograph.


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