Zella’s Case in Court

Here’s the first in a trio of court cases that were reported on the front page of the June 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News,


Justice Everett Hears About the Trunk Marshall Field & Co. Seized.

Zella Nicholaus, that famous Wabash woman who has caused so much trouble for Merchant Nicholaus and many others, will appear before Judge Everett late this afternoon as defendant in an attachment suit brought by Marshall Field & Co.

She was represented by Attorney Fred Trude and Frank R. Margetts appeared for Marshall Field & Co. A crowd of curious men and women crowded around the courtroom door to see the notorious defendant.

Some days ago, it will be remembered, a cruel constable-one Eicke by name-seized Zella’s trunk, containing her dainty linens and costumes, and announced his intention of keeping it until a bill of $200, which Zella owed Marshall Field & Co. for material to make the aforesaid costumes, was satisfied. This all happened at the Normandie hotel at 3 o’clock in the morning, just as Zella and somebody else were about to leave town on an early morning train.”

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