More News Outside Chicago

Not all the news reported in the Chicago Daily News occurred within the city limits. These out-of-town articles were printed on page 8 of the June 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;


One Man Killed at Munday’s Cut, Mo-Work of Tramps.

Aurora, Mo., June 15- A train of four freight cars and a caboose of the Greenfield & Northern road was wrecked by rocks placed upon the track at Munday’s Cut, three miles north of Mount Vernon. The entire train was derailed and thrown down a steep embankment. The killed and injured:

FIREMAN JACK WHITE, terribly scalded; died in agony.

ENGINEER RHEM, badly burned but will recover.

William Samuels, a brakeman, was on top of the train when it went over and had a miraculous escape, crawling from beneath a freight car wholly uninjured. It is thought the obstruction was placed upon the track by tramps to wreck the south-bound passenger train.”

OMG, why would they print details about poor Fireman Jack White’s painful death? Imagine his family reading this!


An Exciting Battle Taken Place To-Day Near Bevier, Mo.

Bevier, Mo., June 15- Another attempt was made to burn mine No. 43, early this morning and Frank Manning, one of the guards, was shot in the leg by the by the incendiary.

There was a hot fight between the incendiaries and the guards who came to Manning’s assistance. The former escaped and there is evidence that one of them was badly wounded.”

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