Ida Martin Released from Jail


No One Appears to Prosecute Her-The Goods Recovered.

Ida Martin, the young woman who was placed in jail a few days ago charged with getting dry goods and clothing from Marshall Field, Carson, Pirie & Co., and other firms, got out of her troubles easily this morning. No one appeared against her when the cases were called and Justice Foster entered a nolle prosse.

Mrs. Martin ordered goods at various stores, giving her name as that of the wife of some well-known merchant. The goods were delivered at various railroad depots and taken away, and when the bills were sent in several prominent men were surprised at the extravagance of their wives. She was arrested last week and placed in jail. Since that time all of the goods have been recovered.

Another case in connection with that of Mrs. Martin was heard by Justice Foster. Mrs. Martin had borrowed $4 on a cloak from the Cook County Mortgage company. The cloak was the property of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., and Officer Welbasky arrested Henry Jenks of the Cook County Mortgage company for conducting a pawnbroker’s business without a license.

Mrs. Martin testified that she had borrowed the $4 on the goods, saying she needed the money to pay her room rent. The prosecution declared that the mortgage company had acted as a pawnbroker, but Attorney William Newberger read to the court a decision from the 118th Illinois in a similar case, wherein the Supreme court held that a single loan did not constitute pawnbrokerage, but the business must be continuous and well-established. On this showing Justice Foster ruled that the defendant company was not a pawnbroker and Jenks was discharged. Mrs. Martin at once left the courtroom for home.”

The article above was transcribed from the front page of the June 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

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