A Final Resting Place for Jacob Mueller

My second great-grandfather Jacob Koebe Mueller was buried at Chicago’s Oak Woods Cemetery one hundred and four years ago today.

1910 Death Certificate Mueller, Jacob

1910 Death Certificate Mueller, Jacob K

During our trip to Chicago last weekend, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Oak Woods Cemetery and see Jacob’s grave site in person.

I had called ahead to ask for the section and plot number. The women in the office at Oak Woods were very helpful. They provided me with a clearly labeled map.

Jacob, Elise, Alfred and Otto Mueller at Oak Woods

Jacob, Elise (nee Schmitt), Alfred and Otto Mueller in Haven of Hope at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago

It was a tad more challenging than we anticipated because Section F Division 5 is much larger than it appears. I thought the more detailed map might help, but as you can see

Oak Woods Cemetery Section F Division 5

Chicago’s Oak Woods Cemetery Section F Division 5

the map was difficult to read. Fortunately a Find A Grave contributor had previously taken a photo, so I knew the color, shape, and juxtaposition of the headstones. After walking back and forth across Section F multiple times, I saw this:

Could those be the headstones of my 2nd great-grandparents?

Are those my 2nd great-grandparents’ headstones?

The closer we got, the faster my heart started beating. When I was near enough to read their names, tears filled my eyes.

Jacob and Elise as we found them.

Jacob and Elise Mueller as we found them.

Using our cemetery kits, my husband and I removed the leaves, dust and dirt from the surface of each headstone and the area around them. I added flowers in a vase.

Jacob and Elise have been cared for by a descendant.

Jacob and Elise were cared for by their descendants.

Oak Woods Cemetery is beautiful and the weather was perfect on the day we visited. I felt my 2nd great-grandparents could rest easier knowing they had not been forgotten by their family.

I know I did.

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