Oh Those Beautiful Hats!

Their fathers Peter (1858-1929) and Frans Tolf (1852-1928) were brothers.

Ranghild and Eva Tolf

Ranghild and Eva Tolf

And so Ranghild Katarina Henrietta (1889-1973) and Eva Mathilda (1891-1957) were first cousins. Eva had a sister named Pearl May (1883-1967). The three women got together often.

As a matter of fact, Pearl lived with Ranghild and her family in the 1910 census. Then in 1913 Pearl married Algernon Chastaine Porter. Their marriage was short-lived.

A few months before Pearl’s wedding, Eva had married Carl Clifford Hedrick. Together they had three daughters; Elva Marie, Leona Louise and Louise Virginia. At the time of Carl’s death in 1970, the couple had six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Ranghild never married, but she was a most welcome participant in family gatherings throughout her long life.

I wish I knew which event prompted this photograph, it’s one of my favorites!




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