Bateman Elementary School

2015 03-26 Throwback Thursday 01Among my late mother’s photographs were class pictures taken when she and her brother attended elementary school.

Being a genealogist of course I Googled the name of the school.

And there I stumbled upon a page where Chicago’s Newton Bateman Elementary School displayed some of their alumni.

One quick email to the school and my photos were added to their collection.

What fun might it be for another researcher to stumble upon pictures of their grade-school-aged ancestors?

Is there anything in your photo collection that might bring joy to another researcher?

4 thoughts on “Bateman Elementary School

  1. All those pictures are great fun. Interesting that most of the ones taken in the classrooms have the students clasping their hands on their desks. Photographers’ instructions, probably. I’ve got my 6th grade picture somewhere, and when it turns up will have to scan it and Google the school, and if they’ve got a website send it to them. You’re right that sharing what we’ve got is a great idea. The people in the picture, or their descendants, would no doubt love to have a copy. I don’t think there’s a label on the picture, but I remember the year, and I know that on the back are signatures of the teacher and most of my classmates.


  2. A very nice thing you did. Many people would not have taken the time. As for me my collection is open to anyone I find that has use for it. I share when and where I can. By the way that is a great picture.


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