Not on April Fool’s Day!

2015 04-02 Grandpa and Mom

Grandpa and Mom in 1933

My mother said her mother refused to have her baby on the first of April; there would be no April Fool’s baby for her!

Mom’s April second birth certificate does not prove or disprove this story, but it does provide a couple other interesting tidbits.

Like many other babies of her time, Mom was born at home: “4306 N. Newcastle Ave., Chicago, Ills.”. Unlike many other births of that time, there was a medical professional in attendance: “David S. Levy, M.D.”.

The birth certificate identifies her parents, giving my grandmother’s address as “4306 N. Newcastle Ave., Norwood Park, Ills.”

Whether Mom was born in Chicago or in Norwood Park (technicalities!), this Newcastle street address was connected to our family tree for many years before and after her birth.

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