Our Genealogical Love Affair

Before Husband and I were married, I asked him how much he knew about his family tree. Little did he know how important his answer would be!

Because I am addicted to family history research. On the rare occasions I become bored with one branch of my family tree, another branch quickly steps in with research possibilities galore.

So of course I need a spouse who was also interested in genealogy. But little did I know how important my interest would be to him!

So on this 10th of the month (a date we celebrate every month), I give you the

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Husband’s Love of Genealogy:

  1. He recognizes the importance of preserving family stories.
  2. He suggests vacation spots that include family history research.
  3. He points out significant-to-my-family events during history shows on TV.
  4. He is saddened by forgotten family photos at antique stores or resale shops.DSC_1499
  5. He was open to joining an organized cemetery tour on our wedding anniversary.
  6. He attends genealogical conferences and enthusiastically shares stories on the return trip.
  7. He’s winning our friendly Find A Grave competition.
  8. He came to the rescue when my dad passed away.
  9. He accepts me for who I am.
  10. And although he already knows everything I’ll say, he still reads my blog. 🙂

Happy 10th my love!


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