What I Learned at Acacia Park Cemetery

The goal of our visit to Acacia Park was to locate a headstone for William John McBane, the husband of my 2nd great-aunt Alma E. Mueller.

We weren’t disappointed. William was buried alongside other members of his family.

2015 05-13 Acacia Park 02

It was nice to see the reference to Alma. But I wondered about the meaning of the three rings etched into the stone.

I didn’t have to wonder long.

On page 22 of the May/June issue of Family Tree Magazine, Maureen Taylor pointed out genealogical clues that may appear on jewelry. In part she said, “three interconnected rings, for example, is the symbol for the International Order of Odd Fellows”.

You may recall from William’s obituary that the Century lodge intended to conduct the I.O.O.F lodge ritual.

I get the impression William was an active member!

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