Mother and Daughter Share Death Date

Coincidences abound in my family tree.

But this one made me do a double-take.

2015 07-02

My grandmother and her mother died on the same date – July 2nd – 29 years apart.

One thought on “Mother and Daughter Share Death Date

  1. Coincidences of death dates are quite something, which I don’t see in my family. I love this picture, with their formals and corsages. Did they belong to the same chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star or a similar organization?

    Two dates recur in my family. May 4 is a birth date of my paternal grandfather, his father, and his great uncle. My maternal grandparents were married July 7, 1907. Exactly 100 years later, one of their great grandchildren was born. There are also two other July 7 weddings, and two July 7 births, in the family. Lots of coincidences there!


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