Burials Unknown


Snip of the March 5, 1892 Chicago Daily News

Most obituaries include the name of the cemetery in which the recently departed will be buried.

Not always though. And that can be frustrating for genealogists searching for an ancestor’s final resting place.

I found a dozen such obituaries recently. I found cemeteries for a few on FamilySearch and added those to Find A Grave. Maybe posting the remaining names here will help us lay the deceased to rest.

From page 8 of the March 5, 1892 edition of the Chicago Daily News:

“BURGESS-At 244 S. Morgan-st., March 4, GEORGE, youngest son of John and Margaret Burgess, aged 4 months.”

“BUSH-At 316 41st-st., March 4, JOSEPHINE, youngest daughter of Henry W. and Hannah P. Bush. Funeral private, 10 a.m., March 5.”

“COIGNARD-Saturday, March 5, 1892, at 5:30 a.m., Prof., ALEX COIGNARD, aged 80 years. Funeral Monday, March 7, from his late residence in Englewood.”

“PRIMROSE-At Denver, Col., March 3, FRANK PRIMROSE, aged 28 years and 8 months. Remains to [be] brought here for burial; funeral notice hereafter. Buffalo (N.Y.) papers please copy.”

“VALLETT-At 1448 34th-ct., March 3, 1892, HERBERT E. VALLETT, aged 35 years. Funeral from above number, Sunday March 6, at 2 p.m. Burial in Connecticut.”

“WING-At Topeka, Kas., March 3, W.S.G WING, residence 1294 Wilcox-av., aged 63 years. Funeral from Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal church, Park-av. and Robey-st., Sunday March 6, at 1 p.m. New York and New Bedford (Mass.) papers please copy.”

“WOOD-At 134 Michigan-st., Bingham house, March 3, GARRY H., only son of J. L. Wood, aged 29 years. Interment in Elmira, N.Y.”


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