1912 Obituaries: October 7

2015 10-07October is Family History Month.

I’m often awed by the genealogical clues hidden in obituaries, which is why I post them here and share them on Find A Grave.

The image on the left is a snip from the Deaths column that appeared on page 20 of the Chicago Daily News on October 7, 1912.

Most of these notices have been shared on Find A Grave as well. To quote the Ancestry Insider, “Find A Grave just keeps getting better and better.” I couldn’t agree more!

I encourage you to make Find A Grave one of your staple* sources for family history research. It’s a treasure trove of genealogical clues and more.

Celebrate Family History Month with your family – create new memories to share in October next year!

*a basic or principal item, thing, feature, element, or part.

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