Wanted – Married Couples

2015 11-27 farm adTri-State Employment Co. posted the following advertisement in the classifieds section of the Minneapolis Journal on December 4, 1915:


“We have jobs at Dupree, N.D., Kilkenny, Minn., Cambridge, Minn., Cartio [sic], N.D., Roberts, Wis., Lanesboro, Minn., Benford, N.D., Bloomington Ferry, Minn. and Wilton, N.D., where they furnish separate house, give you milk, fuel, butter and eggs, garden spot, chance to raise your own chickens etc. If you want to get a start and will work for reasonable wages this winter, see us at once.  TRI-STATE EMPLOYMENT CO., 105 1st st. S.”

The ad is food for thought for genealogists researching ancestors who suddenly picked up and moved their families, isn’t it?

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