Coincidences in the Family Tree

I ran across the ads below while reading the newspaper.

The April 7, 1884 issue of the Chicago Daily News to be exact.

(What? You thought I was reading today’s paper?)

2015 12-29 Mrs Mueller the Midwife

Notice the duplicated ad in the center of the column? “Mrs. Mueller, Doctress and Midwife.”

This reminded me of a previous post where I shared that for some reason my paternal grandmother wasn’t issued a birth certificate when she entered the world in 1911.

In 1929 my grandmother went to the Records Office with her paternal aunt and secured a delayed birth certificate. The front can be seen here.

The midwife’s name on the back caught my eye:

2015 12-29 Mangels BC pg 2 of 2

Especially since the following year, my grandmother married a young man named Harold.

And became another Mrs. Mueller.

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