Wedding Bells for Peter Tolf and Augusta Landstrom

How did this young couple meet I wonder?

Peter August Tolf was born in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden 01 Jan 1858.

Augusta Sophia Landstrom was born 13 Feb 1858 in Norra Sandsjö, Jonkopings, Sweden.

While they weren’t terribly far from one another, they weren’t exactly neighbors.

2016 01-17 Map of Sweden

In May of 1878, Peter, three of his sisters and their parents immigrated from Sweden to Batavia, Kane, Illinois.

The year before, Augusta, who by all accounts was an independant woman, traveled across the ocean alone and settled in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Here again, they weren’t terribly far from one another in their new land, but they weren’t exactly neighbors.

2016 01-09 Map of Batavia to Chicago

Augusta went to church in the city. Peter and two associates formed a church in Batavia.

So how did they meet?

Perhaps blacksmithing had a role in their fates? After all Peter came from a long line of blacksmiths, was one himself in fact, and became a foreman at the U. S. Wind Engine and Pump Company in Batavia.

Augusta’s father and six brothers were all blacksmiths when they arrived in the United States. But then none of the Landstroms ever worked in Batavia; so I guess that’s all for that theory.

I suppose what really matters is that they did meet and marry.

2016 01-17 MC 1882 Peter A Tolf and Augusta S Landstrom

They would go on to raise three children and look after as many grandchildren. When Augusta was homesick for her family in Chicago, Peter simply took a room in Batavia and spent his days off with his wife and children in the city.

Peter died of complications to Parkinson’s Disease in 1929. Augusta succumbed to diabetes in 1936. They are buried together at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, near two of their children and their only granddaughter.

2016 01-17 HS Peter and Augusta Tolf

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Peter Tolf and Augusta Landstrom

  1. Always an interesting question. My thought is that they met in Illinois…perhaps some type of link between their churches, such as an itinerant preacher who knew both of them? a Swedish community gathering?


    • Hi Deb,

      Thank you for pondering with me! I am leaning the same way; they most likely met in Illinois. Both were quite religious, so I’m guessing church had a part in it somehow. Wish I had a time machine!


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