Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6824

2016 02-29 Death Certificate 6824

What is Jennie Olivia’s surname?

I guessed. And the FamilySearch indexer guessed.

But since there is no one else on FamilySearch with the same surname, I can’t help but wonder if we’re wrong.

I’m not related to Jennie, but I would like to solve the mystery of her surname.

Can you help reunite Jennie with her family here or on Find A Grave?

Thank you for taking a minute or two to honor her short life.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6824

  1. She died on March 25, 1887 at the age of 21 days which would mean she was born March 3 or 4, 1887. I checked for Cook County births for March 3 or 4, 1887 and found

    Jenny Olivia Magnussen

    Birth Date:
    4 Mar 1887

    Birth Place:
    Chicago, Cook, Illinois




    Father Name:
    Carl Wilhelm Magnussen

    Father’s Birth Place:

    Father’s Age:

    Mother Name:
    Ebba Ada Carlson

    Mother’s Age:

    So you were pretty close. May poor little Jennie rest in peace.

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