Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6711

2016 03-07 Mystery Monday

What was Mrs. Looby’s given name? And where is she buried?

My search in the Illinois deaths database on FamilySearch wasn’t much help.

And I couldn’t find her on Find A Grave.

I’m not related to Mrs. Looby, but I would like to solve her mystery.

Can you help reunite her with her family here or on Find A Grave?

Thank you for taking a minute or two to honor her short life.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6711

  1. Margaret Luby, the “prostitute” in the 1880 Census is in prison – she is listed as a “Prisoner” in what they refer to as the “House of Corrections.” She had probably been convicted of prostitution so they decided to list that as her “occupation.” Poor soul indeed, We can only pray that she is resting in peace. I don’t think we can imagine the life she must have led.


  2. I found a Margret Luby in the 1880 census listed as married, Occupation Prostitute, Born abt 1859 (age 21). Note: when I searched on Jerry Looby most of the results were with the spelling Luby. This woman could not read or write so the spelling variation is not uncommon. Her birth place is listed as Illinois but her parents birth place is Ireland.

    Could this be the same woman? It would account for the abortion.


  3. The poor soul didn’t even die under her own name. It’s under Mrs. Jerry Looby. She’s buried at the Poor House Cemetery: Often referred to as the County Ground, Cook County Farm Cemetery, Cemetery at Jefferson, or Poor House Cemetery, it was renamed Chicago State Hospital Cemetery in 1912.
    I was surprised that they listed her Cause of Death as heart failure after an abortion.


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