Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6839

Who were Anita’s parents?

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Calvary Cemetery in Evanston is a distance from Aurora Illinois. Why wasn’t Anita buried closer to home?

And Calvary is a predominantly Irish cemetery, so what was it that drew a French family there?



Follow up: Thanks to blog follower Jim C., we know more about Mary. Here’s a possibility for why she was buried in Evanston [from page 987 of the 1885 Chicago City Directory]:

City Directory

6 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6839

  1. Her full name was Mary Anita Eva Morin, born in Aurora 11 May 1878. Father Dennis Jeremiah Morin, Mother Mary Clowater. She did not die in Aurora, which is in Kane County – according to the death cert she died in Cook County. 383 Hermitage and the doctor’s address 970 W. Polk may have been in Chicago. There have never been enough French in Chicago to have their own cemetery but there was a later member of that family, Azelie Morin Gervais (1863-1924) also buried at Calvary.


    • Hi Jim, thanks for the info RE Mary. I knew she had died in Chicago, but was born in Aurora – lived there as of the 1880 census.

      It looks like her family immigrated from Canada. I still thought it was odd that she would be buried 50 miles from where the family lived. But then I found an entry in the 1885 Chicago City Directory…


      • Her birth record shows Aurora in Kane County:

        Name Mary Anita Eva Morin
        Gender Female
        Event Type Birth
        Event Date 11 May 1878
        Event Place Aurora, Kane, Illinois
        Father’s Name Dennis Jeremiah Morin
        Mother’s Name Mary Clowater

        Wikipedia says: Aurora, a suburb of Chicago, is a city predominantly in Kane County, with sections in DuPage, Kendall, and Will counties.

        So she must have been born in the Kane part of Aurora. And that’s what makes genealogy research so maddening…


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