What I Learned on Find A Grave

Find A Grave contributors come in many shapes and sizes. I know this because I read the bios that catch my eye when I process edits.

I enjoy reading the reasons people contribute memorials to Find A Grave, the stories about what brought them there and about their backgrounds in genealogy or graving.

Today I read a term I either hadn’t heard before (or had forgotten about) and I was intrigued.

2016 09-02 Grave Dowser 01

What, I wondered, was a grave dowser?

Enter the Google machine who brought me to this:

2016 09-02 Grave Dowser 02

How interesting is that?!?

And now that I know what the term means, I chuckle thinking only those of us who are genealogists or graveyard rabbits, or a Find A Grave contributors would say they go grave dowsing for fun!

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