National Bike to Work Day

The League of American Bicyclists was originally founded as the League of American Wheelmen in 1880. Bicyclists, known then as “wheelmen,” were challenged by rutted roads of gravel and dirt and faced antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers, and pedestrians.

Englewood Wheelmen at

My 2nd-great grandmother’s son Otto V Mueller was elected captain of the newly formed Englewood [Illinois] Wheelmen in June of 1894.

From the past to the present, bike riders have been a part of my family tree.

Biking for parade at

Otto V Mueller and [possibly] his half-brother, my great-grandfather Alfred J Mueller

Growing up, pretty much every kid in my neighborhood had a bike, including me!

The author on a tricycle at


Bicycles made great hand-me-downs (as my youngest daughter knew all too well).

Hand-me-down bike at


Each generation finds a way to tweak bicycling to suit them.

Grandpa fixes bike at

Grandpa raises and tightens the handlebars for Grandson #1

In recent years there’s been an increased awareness of how bicycle riding is good for our health and for the environment.

National Bike to Work Day is observed on May 19, 2017. Bike to Work Day is an annual event across the United States and Canada that promotes the bicycle as an option for commuting to work. Leading up to Bike to Work Day, national, regional, and local bicycle advocacy groups encourage people to try bicycle commuting as a healthy and safe alternative to driving by providing route information and tips for new bicycle commuters. On Bike to Work Day, a wide variety of bicycle-related events are organized. Bike to Work Day was originated by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 and is a part of Bike-to-Work Week, which is in turn part of National Bike Month. This text has been taken from

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