Twins from Tånnö

Twin (tvilling) girls were born in the Ny family of Tånnö, Jönköping, Sweden on the 8th of January 1910; Anna Gunborg Kristina and Greta Tarborg Katrina. The girls were baptized January 27th.

Tånnö kyrkoarkiv, Födelse- och dopböcker, SE/VALA/00393/C/3 (1895-1930), bildid: 00015937_00036, sida 32

In addition to their births, the entries in Tånnö’s Births and Baptisms Book includes information about the girls’ parents.

According to the record above, Johan Alfred Ny, an infantryman (grenadjär) was born 12 Feb 1871 and his wife (hustra) Anna Justina Johnansdotter was born 16 Feb 1869. The couple lived at Nr 74 Skogsvik (Grenadjarstorp under Gallagard) which is on page 49 of the parish books (Församlingsböcker):

Tånnö kyrkoarkiv, Församlingsböcker. Bunden serie, SEVALA00393A II a2 (1909-1925)

The information on page 49 of the parish book above is similar to what is written on page 143 of the book Ah du blåe Himmel,Tånno gårdarna och torpen i Tånno socken:

Soldaten Johan Alfred Ny f 1871 kom från Norratorp Rolstorp Mellangård och hans hustru.

Barn: Henry
Gunborg f 1910
Torborg f 1910
Hanna f 1911

Sonen Henry flyttar till Nordamerika.
Dottern Valborg flyttar till Fryele.
Sonen Albert flyttar till Nordamerika. Kom tillbaka och levde en tid pa Varnamo sjukhus.
Dottern Gunborg var en tid i Nordamerika.

The Google translation is:

“The soldier Johan Alfred Ny b 1871 came from Norratorp Rolstorp Mellangård and his wife.

Children: Henry
Gunborg b 1910
Torborg b 1910
Hanna b 1911

The son Henry moves to North America.
The daughter Valborg moves to Fryele.
The son Albert moves to North America. Came back and lived for a while at Varnamo Hospital.
The daughter Gunborg was for a time in North America.”

A little research revealed that Anna Gunborg Kristina actually immigrated to North America and stayed, as did most of her siblings. It was twin sister Greta Tarborg Katrina who ‘was for a time in North America’, and later returned to Sweden.

I often wonder what our ancestors thought and felt about immigration. Did those who stayed worry? Wonder? Regret? And those who left, the same? Worry? Wonder? Regret?

Twins have such a special bond, what must it have been like for these two sisters to be separated by an ocean? What was the push for them to leave Sweden, and what made one decide to return?

The Ny family is part of my ongoing quest to find the descendants of my (Norwegian and) Swedish 4th great-grandparents. The six Ny siblings are the great-grandchildren of my Swedish 4th great-grandparents Andreas JONASSON and Ingrid Stina JONASDOTTER.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they are searching for me too?


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