Favorite Web Sites; The French Genealogy Blog

One of my favorite ethnicity-specific web sites is The French Genealogy Blog at http://french-genealogy.typepad.com/genealogie/

The author is a transplant to France with no French roots of her own. Her children are French. She sprinkles a delightful outsider-yet-insider point of view over all of her posts.

A professional genealogist, Anne generously shares French resources and her vast and growing knowledge of same. Her thoughts about the locations she visits in France, French bureaucracy, French laws, and French genealogical societies are clearly and colorfully described.

I learn something new nearly every time I read this blog. Researchers of their French ancestry and lovers of French culture are equally likely to find education and enjoyment in Anne’s posts. I encourage you to visit her soon.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Web Sites; The French Genealogy Blog

  1. My great great Grandfather came from Lyon France. His name was Rene
    Paul Adolphe Charles de Baligand de la Feuilliez, he was, as we were told, a Count. We know he came to Canada when he was about 40yrs old, and died in Tewksbury Massachusetts in 1907.
    What I am looking for and are having a hard time ,is trying to find information about HIS father and mother(Cecelia Vaundaine)
    He also attended St Cyr military Academy
    We have been told that my great great grandfather left Lyon under suspicious
    I would really like to know if we still have relatives living in that area.


    • I’m sorry, I am not familiar with Lyons – Google Maps says it is four-and-a-half hours from Hellimer from whence my Schmitts originate. I would encourage you to pose your questions on a Rootsweb mailing list. There are many knowledgeable people subscribed to those lists. Good luck in your search!


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