April Birthdays

Time to celebrate the April birthdays in my family tree:

Birthdays among my German Bukmakofskys:

  • My 2nd great-grandmother Maria BUKMAKOFSKY was born 25 Apr 1859 in Reichenan, Konigsberg, Germany. Her parents were Christof BUKMAKOFSKY (?-?) and Maria FRONTSKOFSKY (?-?).

Birthdays among my French Gurys:

  • My 4th great-grandparents Jean GURY (1794-?) and Marie Anne GILLET (abt 1794-?) had two children born in April; my 3rd great-grandmother Marie Anne GURY (born 06 Apr 1818 in Altroff, Moselle, Lorraine, France) and her brother Jean Victor GURY (born 16 Apr 1836 in Léning, Moselle, Lorraine, France).

Birthdays among my Swedish Landstroms:

  • My 3rd great-grandfather Johan Peter LANDSTROM was born in Kronobergs, Sweden 17 Apr 1824. His parents were Anders LANDSTRÖM (abt 1769-?) and Sophia MÖRLAND (abt 1787-1859).
  • Johan’s son Adolph Walter LANDSTROM was born 30 Apr 1895.

Birthdays among my Swedish Larssons:

  • Johan LARSSON was born 25 Apr 1865 in Hörby, Malmöhus, Sweden. His parents were my 3rd great-grandparents Lars PETERSSON (1800-1872) and Anna SVENSDOTTER (1825-?).

Birthdays among my Swedish Petersons:

  • Elise PETERSDOTTER was born 25 Apr 1870 in Tånnö, Jönköping, Sweden. Her parents (my 3rd great-grandparents) were Peter Johan JOHANISSON (1836-abt 1923) and Johanna Kristina ANDREASDOTTER (1836-abt 1923).

Birthdays among my Swedish Tolfs:

  • My great-grandfather Harry Willhelm TOLF was born in Batavia, Kane, Illinois 07 Apr 1884. His parents were Peter August TOLF (1858-1929) and Augusta Sophia LANDSTROM (1858-1936).
  • Harry’s aunt Carolina Fredrika TOLF was born 17 Apr 1855 in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden. Her parents were Carl TOLF (1824-1890) and Helena Christina ÅMAN (1822-1901).
  • Helena Fredrika TOLF was born 13 Apr 1833 in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden. Her parents were my 4th great-grandparents Carl Jonas TOLF (1795-1833) and Maja Lisa LIDSTROM (1797-1856).

Birthdays among my Manx Waltons:

  • My 3rd great-grandparents John Walton (1809-1870) and Jane Christian (1812-1849) had three children with April birthdays; Mary Jane WALTON (born 04 Apr 1847) and her brother William WALTON (born 17 Apr 1836) in Lonan, Isle of Man, and Elizabeth WALTON born 19 Apr 1835.
  • John E WALTON was born 30 Apr 1874. His parents were my 2nd great-grandparents James WALTON (1843-1916) and Isabella JOUGHIN (1846-abt 1878).
  • My grandfather’s older sister Myrtle Marie Agnes WALTON was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois 30 Apr 1898.

Are any of my ancestors in your family tree too? Please contact me at where2look4ancestors [at] gmail [dot] com.

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