Chicago Research – Home Again

Husband and I just returned from a genealogical vacation in Chicagoland.

We explored records at the Gustafson Research Center in Batavia Illinois and at the Chicago History Museum, Harold Washington Library and Newberry Library. We visited several cemeteries including West Batavia, Rosehill, Graceland, Jewish Graceland and Wunders.

We spent a day driving through residential neighborhoods and photographed more than a dozen homes in which my ancestors lived.

We stayed in a hotel one night and in a bed and breakfast for the remainder of our visit. We spent quality time with family and friends. At every meal, we wined and/or dined at a different eatery.

We did some things right (planning ahead was a lifesaver) and some things wrong (arriving at one repository way too early), but overall the trip was a success.

I’ll share details about our trip in the weeks to come, but this couldn’t wait. In the 14 hours since our return I’ve had a constant companion:

I feel loved.

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