Happy St Lucia Day!

Some traditions get lost in time. Others last for only one lifetime. Meaningful traditions just might last forever. I hope my family’s celebration of St. Lucia Day  is in this third important category.

St Lucia Day 2000.jpgTime and distance may separate us, but on this day my grandchildren are in my every thought.

Instead of dwelling on what is not, empty-nesters Husband and I are creating our own unique twist on this special day. We’re both home from work today, enjoying hot coffee and a warm breakfast as our outside Christmas lights twinkle on the 15 inches of snow that fell Sunday.

Before we visit our favorite Scandinavian store for this year’s official Swedish ornament, we’ll put up the Christmas tree and add lights, garland, pearls and poinsettias to our stair railings while the fireplace keeps us warm.

This evening we’ll dine at a dinner theater and enjoy a Christmas play that has gotten rave reviews in the local media. If you’re there, look for us – we’ll be wearing our candle-studded crowns. 🙂

St Lucia Day 2012. Different? Yes. Special? Absolutely!

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