Resolutions Revised

new_year_2013_mainAre New Year’s Resolutions a waste of time? It seems like many of those set get left among the confetti and streamers.

I’ve made resolutions on and off over the years. I like working toward goals, so each new calendar brings an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and what is left to do. Have I been successful? Sometimes.

In 2012 I vowed to become more healthy, focusing primarily on weight. Particularly excess weight. In January I eliminated the flavor of the day and enrolled in a weekly yoga class. Husband came along for the ride which was mostly positive.  A few pounds lighter in March, I signed on to My Fitness Pal and started tracking more than just calories. I took advantage of the fitness center at work daily and we bought a Wii. By late summer Husband and I had embraced our healthier lifestyle in bodies that were 40 pounds lighter.

Special K has a great commercial in which they promote the idea of focusing less on what we want to lose and more on what we want to gain. As a newly healthy person I can tell you the gains have been tremendous. More energy, less anxiety, cuter clothes. The aches and pains we attributed to age turned out to be weight-related.  And we laugh more, especially when Wii dance.

The number on my scale is just the beginning. In 2013 my goals are toning, strength training and better nutritional choices. I love yoga and this year I’ll add Pilates and more frequent use of my stability ball and resistance bands.

In 2012 I vowed to organize my genealogical research. I accomplished a great deal of that with inspiration and encouragement from Jenny. But in the fall, my interest in my family history research waned and I took a break. In 2013 I hope to accomplish just one genealogical task. I plan to organize the Schmitt information on my computer and in my file cabinet. Could a teeny tiny goal be the trick? Wish me luck!

Husband and I took a vacation in 2012 that focused on our enjoyment rather than on meeting the wants and needs of others. We later reflected that the only other us-focused trip we’ve taken was our honeymoon. We’ll enjoy more out-of-town togetherness in 2013.

My friends played a more significant role in my life in 2012. I want to become more of a reciprocal saw in 2013. I look forward to initiating, hosting, and following-up more with the people who are important to me.

A week ago in 2012 Yahoo posted “9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier“. The suggestion to make my waking thought “something wonderful is going to happen today” struck a chord with me. So much so that I made a poster saying just that and hung it in the master bath. Starting the day with an expectation of joy has worked wonders already.

My hope for you and for everyone you know and love is that something truly wonderful will happen in 2013.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Resolutions Revised

  1. I like how you took your genealogy goal and applied more focus to it. Last year I made several genealogy goals…really, many…and it was just too much. Perhaps one or two is better. Thanks for posting!


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