1903 Obituaries – December 15

The following death notices appeared on page 20 of the December 15, 1903 issue of the Chicago Daily News;

“BARRY-BRIDGET, beloved wife of Patrick Barry, mother of James, William, John, Matthew, Edward, Hugh and the late Thomas, at her residence, 134 Johnson-st. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17. Rondout and Kingston (N.Y.) papers please copy.”

“BURFEIND, Dec. 15, 1903, aged 62 years, the Rev. BARTHOLD BURFEIND. Funeral notice later.”

“BERNDT-FRED, beloved husband of Louise Berndt (nee Boehming), father of William, Otto, Emma and Charles Berndt and the late August Berndt, aged 63 years 11 months and 13 days. Funeral from his late home, 233 Dayton-st., at 12:30 p.m., thence to Forest Home cemetery, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1903.”

“B[illegible]-ELIZA (nee Caron), beloved wife of Louis B[illegible] and mother of Louis and Mrs. Lizzie [illegible]. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 10 a.m., from late residence, 26 Cortland-st., to Annunciation church, thence to Illinois Central depot, by cars to Mount Carmel, train leaves foot of Randolph-st., at 12:30 p.m. Native of Canada.”

“CAMPBELL-R.H., age 52 years, Dec. 11, at U. S. Marine hospital. Remains will be taken from Arntzen’s funeral chapel, 247 N. Clark-st., Wednesday morning, 10 o’clock; burial under the auspices of the Tug [illegible] and Linemen’s Protective association; interment Elmwood cemetery; train leaves union depot 11 a.m.”

“CALLAHAN-ELIZABETH, beloved daughter of Daniel and Ellen Callahan, sister of Mrs. B. J. Keohane, Hanna, Mary, Agnes, Cornelia, Daniel and John Callahan. Funeral to-day, at 2:30 p.m., from her sister’s residence, Mrs. B. J. Keohane, 81 [illegible]-st., burial at Caledonia, Ill.”

“CHRISTENSEN-August, beloved husband of Carrie Christensen (nee Johnson), father of Lillie and Walter, and late Florence, aged 43 years and 3 [or 8] months. Funeral from [illegible] W. Chicago-av., 1 p.m. Wednesday, to Mount Olive.”

“COONEY-PATRICK, beloved father of Dennis and John Cooney, at his residence, 556 S. Morgan-st. Funeral Thursday, at 9:30 a.m., to Holy Family church, for high mass, thence by carriages to Calvary cemetery.”

“DEUTSCHE-F.R. DEUTSCHE, at residence of daughter, 647 N. Washtenaw-av., beloved husband of Anna and father of Arthur, Fred, Richard and William Deutsche and Mrs. George C. Lenke and Mrs. David Lally. Funeral notice later.”

“DORNEY-Dec. 14, 6:30 a.m., THOMAS H., beloved husband of the late Annie Dorney (nee Collins), father of Richard, Charles, Raymond, Mrs. Annie L. Bauer and the late Thomas H. Dorney, Jr. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17, at 9:30 a.m., from late residence, 382 W. 12th-st., to Holy Family church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Calvary. Indianapolis (Ind.) papers please copy.”

“DELEE-At his late residence, 3106 Lincoln-st., WILLIAM, beloved son of Michael and Johanna (nee Gavin) and brother of John, Michael, Frank, Mrs. W.  Lief, Mrs. F. Scherrueble and Mrs. F. Bruner, Catherine Delee. Funeral Wednesday, at 9:30, to Our Lady of Good Counsel church, to Mount Olivet.”

“FRANK-MARY, Dec. 15, aged 81 years, at residence of her daughter, Mrs. Adolph Sturm, 8 S. Pine Grove-av. Funeral notice later. Cincinnati papers please copy.”

“FISCHER-JOHN II, beloved husband of Mary Fischer and beloved father of Mrs. A. Laub, Mrs. F. J. Frank, Hermann, John and Fred Fischer, aged 65 years 18 days. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17, at 11 a.m., from his late residence, 2513 S. Halsted-st., by carriages to Waldheim. Member of Robert Blum lodge No. 58, I.O.O.F.”

“FISCHER-HERMAN, beloved husband of Minnie Fischer (nee Pfieffer), aged 46 years 8 months and 24 days, father of Lillie and Walter, Tuesday, Dec. 15. Funeral Friday at 12:30 p.m., from his late residence, 772 S. Halsted-st.”

“GAZZOLO-Mrs. MAE (nee Cella), aged 24, at Las Vegas, N.M., Dec. 14, beloved wife of Frank H. Gazzolo and beloved sister of Louis, John, Angela, Andrew, Charles and Ada Cella. Funeral notice later.”

“GROSSE-HENRY C., Dec. 13, 1903, beloved husband of Minnie Grosse (nee Lufs [?]), father of Harry Grosse, son of Mrs. M. E. Grosse, brother of John and Arthur Grosse and Lizzie Wieland. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17, at 1 p.m., from his late residence, 630 Cortland-st., by carriages to Waldheim. Member of Richard Gater council 967, R.A. , and Garden City lodge 115, K of P.”

“HANSEN-WILLIE, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Dec. 14, aged 8 years 3 months 20 [?] days. Funeral Wednesday, 9:30 , from residence, [illegible] Hermitage-av., to St. Andrew’s church, thence to St. Boniface cemetery.”

“HAYDEN-In memory of my beloved husband, HERMAN HAYDEN, who died one year ago, Dec. 14, 1902. He is gone, but not forgotten. May his soul rest in peace. FROM WIFE AND SISTER.”

“HOLYOKE-WM. E., at his late residence, 1170 Washington-bd., Dec. 15, aged 82 years. Funeral from California Avenue Congregational church, corner of Monroe-st., Friday, Dec. 18, at 1 p.m., by carriages to Forest Home.”

“HILL-LESTER RALPH, aged 7 years 6 months, beloved son of Albert B. and Minnie S. Hill. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17, 10:30 a.m., from late residence, 488 Webster-av.”

“HUBER-MARGARET, beloved mother of Katherine Schwarer, Mary and Margaret Huber. Funeral notice hereafter. St. Paul (Minn.) papers please copy.”

“JANZ-EMILIE, Dec. 5, aged 53 years 6 months, beloved mother of Ida, Rudolph and Hugo and grandmother of Elsie Gruelman. Funeral Thursday, at 12:30 p.m., from late residence, 12 W. 19th-pl. (Mark st.), to German Evangelical Zion church, corner 14th and Union-sts., thence to Waldheim cemetery.”

“LUBY-JAMES A., aged 16 years, 9 months, at residence, 292 Webster-av., beloved son of David A. and Annie Luby (nee McKeon), brother of Grace, Forest, Morton Luby. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17, at 9 a.m., to St. Vincent church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

“MURPHY-MICHAEL, aged 87 years, beloved father of Julia Murphy, Mrs. John J. Duffy and Mrs. M.C. Donovan. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 16, 9 a.m., from his daughter’s residence, 733 W. 46th-st., to St. Gabriel’s church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence to Mount Olivet, by carriages.”

“MOYER-DAVID NASH MOYER, Dec. 14, 1903, aged 51 years and 6 months, at residence, 2044 Washington-bd. Funeral services at Naperville, Ill., Dec. 16, 1903. Canadian papers please copy.”

“MULZEY-JAMES, beloved husband of Nora Mulzey (nee O’Connor), father of Katie, Maggie, Mamie and Annie Mulzey and beloved son of Peter and the late Margaret Mulzey (nee Duffy), brother of Nicholas and John J. Mulzey, Sister Alacoqueson and Mrs. P. J. Mackin, member of St. John’s court, No. 6, C.O.F., and Columbia council, No. 1206 , R. A. Funeral Wednesday at 9 a.m., from late residence, 2633 Princeton-av., to St. James’ church, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Calvary cemetery.”

“O’BRIEN-CHARLOTTE A., wife of the late William Henry O’Brien, Dec. 13, 63 years old, mother of R. W. and Adeline. Funeral from late residence, Wednesday, Dec. 16, Oakwoods, 12 o’clock.”

“O’BRIAN-CHARLOTTE A. O’BRIAN, wife of the late William Henry O’Brian and mother of R. W. and Adeline O’Brian. Funeral from 768 N. Fairfield-av., Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 10 a.m. Interment at Oakwoods.”

“O’BRIEN-CHARLOTTE A., wife of the late William Henry O’Brien, Dec. 13, aged 63 years. Funeral from late residence, 768 N. Fairfield-av., Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 10:30 a.m. to Oakwoods.”

“QUIRK-JOHN, Dec. 14, beloved husband of Ann Quirk, father of Timothy J., John W. and Martha Quirk, Mrs. John J. Kehoe, Mrs. Andrew J. Sullivan and Mrs. Richard Roche. Funeral Thursday, at 9:15 a.m., from 467 Park-av., to St. Malachy’s church, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

“RENTZ-Dec. 13, MAMIE (nee Thornton), wife of Charles Rentz, beloved daughter of Bernard and Delia Thornton and sister of Joseph P. Thornton. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1903, at 9 a.m., from parents’ residence, 56 Oregon-av., to St. Patrick’s church where requiem high mass will be celebrated, thence by carriages to Mount Carmel.”

“RYAN-THOS.W., beloved husband of Margaret Ryan (nee Dawson), native of Killeegariff, parish of Ahone, County Limerick, Ireland. Funeral from late residence, 766 Flournoy-st., Wednesday, 9:15 a.m., to Our Lady of Sorrows church, where high mass will be celebrated, carriages to Mount Carmel. Member of St. Aloysius court No. 27, C.O.F.”

“RUSK-Dec. 14, 1903, JAMES C., only son of David and Catherine (nee O’Shea). Funeral Wednesday, 1 p.m., from parents’ residence, 21 Carmen-av., near Lincoln-av., by carriages to Rosehill.”

“SALTIEL-SOPHIE, beloved mother of Robert and Leopold Saltiel, Dec. 14, 1903, aged 75 years 10 months 14 days. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 1:30 p.m., from residence, 902 Fletcher-st., to Rosehill cemetery. ”

“SCHLACKS-BARBARA SCHLACKS, aged 31 years, (nee Jaeger), wife of H. C. Schlacks. Funeral Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., from her late residence, 6904 Cregler-av., to St. Clara’s church, 64th-st. and Woodlawn-av.; interment St. Boniface.”

“SCANLON-The remains of KATHERINE A. SCANLON will be buried from the vault in Calvary cemetery Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 1:30 p.m.”

“STONITSCH-JOHN STONITSCH,beloved husband of Louisa Stonitsch (nee Getz)., father of John M. Stonitsch, aged 64 years and 4 months. Funeral from late residence, 79 Clifton-av., to St. Boniface , Thursday, Dec. 17, 9 a.m. San Francisco, Cincinnati and Philadelphia, Montreal and New York papers please copy.”

“SHEEHAN-PATRICK, beloved husband of Annie (nee Leach) and son of Eneas[?] and brother of Mrs. O’Donnell, Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Norman. Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 9:30 a.m., from his late residence, 39 Selden-st., to St. Charles church, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

“TELLEFSEN-In loving remembrance of my dear husband, PAUL M. TELLEFSEN, who died one year ago to-day. Farewell, dear husband, this life was passed; I loved you dearly to the last, Your toils were passed, Your work was done and you were fully blest. You fought the fight, the victory won, and entered into rest. Your loving wife, JENNIE.”

“THOMPSON-KATHRYN, Sunday, Dec. 13,  youngest daughter of Benjamin H. and Christy Ann Thompson. Funeral from residence, 1135 Flournoy-st., Wednesday, at 1:30 p.m., to Forest Home. Cornwall (Ont.) papers please copy.”

“WILZENSKI-ROESCHEN (nee Marcus), Dec. 13, at Grand Rapids. Funeral Thursday, Dec. 17. Burial at Grand Rapids, Mich.”

When possible, the information above was added to Find A Grave.

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