Why We Should Ask for Help

Michael John Neil’s suggestion to get an outside opinion could not have been more timely. The day after I read it, I had a wonderful opportunity to follow his advice. (Thank you Michael!)

While preparing for an upcoming event sponsored by the local German Genealogy Society, I mentioned one of my stumbling block ancestors, Maria Bukmakofsky. Kim suggested I attend “Polish Research Techniques”, a workshop offered at the local Family History Center this past Thursday. (Thank you Kim!)

Although there is not yet a Polish flag in my flag stand, something tells me an additional ethnicity is looming on the horizon. :o)

Minnesota weather was typical for a December evening, so Husband and I had the PRT instructor Deb all to ourselves. Through photographs and personal stories of her own research and the discovery of cousins living in Poland, Deb captivated us and 30 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. Then, bless her pea-pickin’ heart, Deb spent the next 30 minutes suggesting ways in which I might learn more about Maria and her life. (Thank you Deb!)

I’ll tell you about Deb’s terrific ideas in future posts. Today’s important message? We family history researchers have so much to offer one another! Now and then we just have to ask for a little help.

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