To Build A Fire at 2 a.m.

From the February 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News, page 1;

“To Build a Fire at 2 A.M. – Cause of the Trouble Between Messrs. Gleason and Ritchley.

Charles Gleason and George Ritchley told Justice Kersten some strange stories this morning about trouble that arose between them a few days ago.

Ritchley lives at 22 Chatham court on the north side. This morning George appeared as the complainant against Gleason, the latter being being charged with disorderly conduct. Ritchley came before the judge, his head partially covered with a handkerchief. He said that Gleason was at his house a short time ago and undertook to start up a fire in the stove at two o’clock in the morning. When the witness objected to having his fire started at that time, the prisoner, he maintained, became angry and kicked him in the eye while he was lying in bed.

Gleason said he did not kick Ritchley, but simply hit him a “punch” in the eye.  He claimed, however, that Ritchley ran up to him with a chisel and cut a button from his coat with the keen-edged tool. Gleason showed the judge a spot on his coat where a button should be in support of his statement. The chisel was not brought into court, however, and Gleason was fined $15.”


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