Judge Samuel Gookins

Any Gookins’ in your family tree? Family history in Chicago, Indiana, Terre Haute, Vermont, Vigo County or Vincennes?

The following article appeared on page one of the June 15, 1880 Chicago Daily News;



TERRE HAUTE, June 15.- Judge Samuel Gookins died suddenly here last night of heart disease. He was born in Vermont in 1809, came to Indiana in 1823, was in early life in the newspaper business here and in Vincennes. He commenced practicing law here in 1834, was appointed Circuit Judge in 1850; in 1851-2 represented Vigo County in the Legislature, in 1858 was elected to the Supreme bench, removed to Chicago and lived there from 1858 to 1875. He wrote frequently for newspapers and magazines both in prose and poetry and lately has written a history of Vigo County. His death causes great sorrow.”

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