Late Marriage has not Proved Happy

The following story appeared on the front page of the April 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News:


It is Not Conducive to Happiness in the Fitzgerald Family.

Mrs. Sarah Fitzgerald is 76 years of age and also a bride of a few months. Her late marriage has not proved happy and this morning she appeared in the Hyde Park police court to prosecute her husband.

The woman is weak, wrinkled and superannuated and it appeared in evidence that when she gets outside the Fitzgerald premises, at 112th place, near State street, she cannot find the way back unassisted. Notwithstanding, her voice is still keen and penetrating and she talks with the rapidity of thought.

Richard Fitzgerald, the groom who married as a widower with a large family of children, is only 58 years old. He was at some disadvantage pleading his own defense in a police court because of deafness.

The wife testified that Fitzgerald abused, cursed and starved her. She offered a cut and bruised wrist in evidence. She said her husband had married her a short while ago for her money and when that was gone he wanted deliverance from the marital bonds. Mrs. Fitzgerald alleged that she paid off a mortgage of $750 on her husband’s place the day they were married and claimed that he had squandered about $900 more of her money on drink.

Richard denied the charges of cruelty in toto but admitted the money assistance. He said he was a model husband but found Mrs. Fitzgerald very hard to get along with. The case was dismissed. Justice Quinn ordered the man to take his wife home and love and protect her or he would get six months as the bridewell. The old people left the court-room arm in arm, quarreling as they went out.”

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  1. This was just crazy wasn’t it. Do you know where I can send for Cook County naturalization documents from the late 1800s. I have the card thingies with the cert # and stuff on them. Thanks!!



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