Asks That a Lease Be Cancelled

From the March 30, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News, page 1:

newspaper_bw_1302514860243“Mrs. J.M.W. Jones’ Suit.

Asks That a Lease to John D. Bangs Be Cancelled.

Harriet S. Jones is the owner of the business block 268 to 276 State street. She made a lease of the store and basement, 276, to John D. Bangs, to run until 1897, at a rental of $458 a month.

This lease provided that the lessee could not sub-lease the premises. Mr. Bangs claims the right, under the lease, to sublet, however, and Mrs. Jones has taken the matter into the Circuit court. She asks for a cancellation of the lease and an injunction to restrain Mr. Bangs meanwhile from renting the store. In the transaction, Mrs. Jones says she was represented by her husband, J.M.W. Jones. The lease in duplicate had been made out and given to John D. Bangs to sign. When he returned the lease which complainant was to hold, she says she discovered that erasures had been made in it, so that the lessee was not prohibited from sub-leasing. When this was discovered she at once repudiated the lease, but Mr. Bangs had already advertised the lease of the store.”

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